If you’re a professional real estate advisor and want to transform your business to new levels of influence, impact and success, I invite you to read the following…

“Real Estate Systems and Strategies Designed to Increase Sales Volume, Implement Powerful Follow-up Campaigns, Create Exceptional Customer Experiences, Generate Ongoing Referrals and Discover New Profit Centers"

The Business Growth Program for Agents can help you accomplish that while providing you with more impact and influence in your market.

Dear Real Estate Advisor,

In today’s very driven real estate marketplace, you’re facing challenges like never before, to not only establish your unique brand but to also compete with your professional real estate services and stand out against an ever-growing number of competitors.

You want to be relevant in your marketplace and do things in such a way that positions your business to be sustainable and profitable year after year, without ‘breaking the bank’ in doing so.

If that resonates with you and you’re a real estate advisor who truly wants to improve your positioning, achieve better sales more consistently with higher quality clients, while at the same time having those clients enjoy such amazing experiences that they're compelled to refer others to you, this could be the right time for you to read what I’m sharing today.

My name is Troy Steine and my background offers over 35 years of industry experience in creating new business campaigns and making sales happen in every type of market condition.

For over three decades I’ve been hands-on involved in many aspects of real estate new development sales performance and marketing efforts, including project strategy, sales management and hands-on sales, marketing campaigns, sales training, customer experience training and more, working as both an independent consultant and in-house executive in a variety of real estate development firms.

This has also included working closely with and advising a number of real estate agents in the strategic growth of their own day-to-day business.

My unique and proven experience allows me to identify the exact areas of your real estate business that need focused improvement and the action steps required to make those improvements a reality.

My main goal is to help today’s real estate advisors progress towards moving the needle in their business.

I don’t subscribe to the hyped-out business marketing and real estate sales approaches we see far too often today. Instead, I offer the experienced foundations of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service with modern day skills that can result in positive and profitable results for you and your business.

If what you’ve just read connects with you, I firmly believe I’m the right person at the right time to bring this offer to you and your real estate business. 

Here’s exactly how I can help you:

My Business Growth Program is an affordable, exclusive offer for real estate agents who want my help to improve their business in any of the following areas:

  1. Improving your own selling system and increasing sales conversions. A system of selling that allows you to be yourself in the process while achieving a higher volume of new sales for your real estate business.
  2. Improving your positioning in the marketplace. Be recognized as a trusted authority in your real estate marketplace - an expert in what you provide to your valued clients.
  3. Finding qualified leads using client attention and attraction activities. Creating and implementing systems into your business that generate an ongoing flow of qualified prospects who want to discover how you can help them with selling and/or buying real estate.
  4. Follow-up campaigns that keep you at top-of-mind with potential clients. Putting campaigns in place that position you at top-of-mind with your top prospects amidst a moving parade of interest.
  5. Creating exceptional customer experiences. At every stage of your client’s interaction with you - ways to stand out from other agents.
  6. Referral systems that bring you an ongoing flow of qualified potential clients. Differentiate you and your business from the competition. There’s an opportunity to create an endless chain of referrals from a variety of different sources.

PLUS: Discovering and profiting from the selling of new real estate developments in your area - uncover how to find and win the business as a professional project sales person.

If you’re at a point where you want to transform your current real estate business to new levels of clarity, impact and success, then our work together will provide the way to do that.

After having an initial call, and we both agree we’re the right fit, we'll take these steps together:

  • We’ll have a full discussion (discussions take place via video or audio) on what you're currently accomplishing and the goals you'd like to achieve.
  • We’ll review your current real estate systems and methods for selling, sales conversions, positioning in the marketplace, attracting qualified seller & buyer leads, follow-up campaigns, the experiences you’re giving to your real estate clients, and your referral efforts.
  • From there, I’ll take the results of our full review together and will strategically focus and create a Recommendations Report for how to improve the activities and results inside each of the areas we discussed.
  • Inside the report, there will be detailed action steps you can take towards the improvement and measurable growth of your real estate business, as well as other resources / materials that may be provided based upon your own unique goals.
  • We’ll then have our next private discussion to fully review the details of the recommendations report and to provide you with the clarity you need to implement the action steps in your real estate business.

As well, during this time, we can focus on strengthening your mindset and focus towards your business, which can include a range of topics within your own personal development and accountability.

  • Plus, I’ll be providing you with email Q & A support for 30 days after our review discussion together, where you can send me emails with questions and comments.
  • You and I will also have an additional follow-up discussion within 60 days to review progress and accountability for you and your real estate business.

Also - as an extra bonus for you - during our additional follow-up discussion, we can spend some time on identifying potential new profit centers that you could introduce into your real estate business. This process, having a different set of eyes and focus on your business,  could produce impressive results and profits for you over time!

It’s important for us to first have a discussion together, because it’s essential that we’re a good fit for this process. I fully immerse myself into our discussions and into creating the business strategy and recommendations I provide to you…and the one thing I look for is a realtor who’s sincere and truly wants to build their business in a genuine long-term way.

There’s no investment to have our initial call together, other than our time, and each of us will then have a great understanding if this is something we want to move forward with or not.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful process to help you grow your real estate business, with a seasoned professional to offer strategic resources and recommendations, then this is for you. 

Because sometimes the reality is you’re too close to your own day to day real estate activities to see what’s really possible.

My unique and affordable Business Growth Program is like having access to your own sales and marketing strategist plus business coach all-in-one.

So, at this point if you’re serious about building your real estate business in a genuine long-term way, if you want the TRUTH and you’re tired of spinning your tires hopping from one shiny object to another…from one business guru to another…

Then, let’s do this.

Here’s my scheduling link to arrange an initial discussion together - once I get notified that you’ve booked a date and time, I’ll email you a private zoom meeting link:

Continued Success!

Troy Steine
[email protected]

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