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Are You Tired of Selling Using Uncomfortable Persuasion? Are You Ready to Start Serving and Advising?

Discover a Proven System to Sell Your Services - Premium Products - Programs - Courses

Instead of approaching each discussion with the ‘need to close’ your prospects,
You can use a natural sales approach as a trusted advisor to your marketplace.
You can now approach each sales call with the mindset and skills of
SERVING AND ADVISING instead of selling and closing.

Discover a Natural Persuasion Method to use in every Sales Discussion

Achieve More Sales and More Profits for Your Business

Use Your Authentic Voice in every Conversation You Have

My name is Troy Steine.

I come from a background of 30 years in the sales and marketing of premium products – programs and services, working with clients to achieve sales results in the hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as training other sales professionals and entrepreneurs to do the same in their own business.


Are you frustrated with the results of your sales efforts?

Do you think you need to speak and act in a way other than who you really are?

Do you have a great offer or service to deliver, but you struggle with the right words and process for your sales calls?

Do you know you deliver powerful results for your clients but you have challenges with follow-up and nurturing your potential client relationships?

If any or all of those questions apply to you, please read on as I’ve created a one-to-one program that could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

When we work together inside this one-to-one program, there’s going to be at least two things that will happen for you:

Number one – you’re going to have a step-by-step strategy – that I’ll walk you through – inside each of the six sessions we’ll work on together – whereby at the end you’ll know just what to be doing to build a relationship with your own potential clients – so they can make a high-quality decision about what they’re buying and investing in and to choose to do business with you.

This 6-Week one to one Coaching Program consists of the following sessions:

Session One – A New World of Sales – serving your prospects instead of selling them.
Discover how to help more people, more often, by giving up your perception as to what sales is all about and instead embracing the mindset of becoming a trusted advisor on a mission to serve your clients.

Session Two – The Features and Benefits of what you provide to your clients.
This provides further clarity about the value you bring to the market and to each of your clients, while giving you a powerful tool to use in each of your sales discussions.

Session Three – The Importance of Asking your potential clients the Right Questions – and Answering questions from your prospects.
Advance your skills inside the power of Asking – effective Listening – and Answering questions as a trusted advisor within every sales call.

Sessions Four and Five – implementing your Sales Framework – becoming the trusted advisor.
Step-by-step skills – training – and implementation at every stage of a sales discussion, before-during-and after each call / meeting.

Session Six – Follow-up Campaigns – how and when to nurture your relationships with potential clients.
Discover how to implement a proven follow-up system that sets you apart from any competition. Focus on the Who – the Reason – the Method – and the Time for follow-up.

Session Seven – Powerful Steps to Consistently Increase Referrals into your Business.
Powerful training within Earning the Right to Ask for Referrals and Discovering Referral Profits inside your own Circles of Influence.

Session Eight – Full Review of everything we’ve covered together – taking next steps to increase your ongoing sales results.
Here we’ll have an open Q&A together about everything we’ve discussed during our 6 weeks together – PLUS as an extra bonus – we’ll have a creative brainstorming discussion aimed at potential new profit centers for your business.

The Second thing that’s going to happen inside this program– in between the time we start today and the time we end, is that I want two things to be true for you as well – and this is as important to me as the strategy.

Your sense of confidence, your sense of your own personal value and worth – increases dramatically, because I’m going to help you understand – at a deeper level than you do now – what real value and service you provide by doing what it is you do – and by how you having these discussions is a cornerstone of your contributions to others through what it is you provide.

And we’re going to look into what is that contribution – what is that value that you really provide.

So that you’re articulating it clearly, but even more importantly – you possess the positioning – the way you think about yourself and what you offer to your clients, so the relationship you build with your clients actually becomes part of the value you’re delivering.

So, this is going to be a transformational journey in both those ways – the strategy and the sense of self and value that you have in the world.

Over a period of 6 weeks together, we'll have a 1 on 1 coaching experience, and in each week's session we'll build out your personalized step-by-step sales strategy.

You’ll immerse yourself into a proven selling framework that allows you to be authentic in every discussion you have, as well as knowing how and when to follow-up with prospects and, going forward, how to increase your business through a powerful referral system.

If this program sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, then let’s first have a brief discussion together.

It’s as important to me as it is to you that we would be a good fit to work together - because of the time and commitment I like to show each of my clients.

Please click the Schedule Now button and let’s talk – I look forward to meeting you.

Troy Steine

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